EASYTIP unloading sheet: BENALU is simply unbeatable in terms of unloading of sticky products – Press realease

The BENALU group announces today the release of EASY TIP, an innovative solution for the unloading of sticky and difficult flowing products.

Sticky products are often the cause of serious accidents during tipping operations. As a matter of fact, sticky material can remain blocked on one side and let the body tilt once the ram is out. The risk is then real for the operator and the people working around the vehicle. Body damage is therefore potentially very important.

This observation led the BENALU Group’s R & D teams to develop an exclusive device, the EASY TIP unloading tarpaulin, which considerably improves the unloading of tippers that carry sticky products. “It is while looking at the photographs of a competing tipper lying down after having unloaded clay that we decided to develop a device allowing to avoid this type of accidents” told us Renaud Sueur, President of the BENALU group.

The device consists of a tarpaulin made of a polymer specially selected for its low adhesion and which can either i) be wound on the top of the front wall when its use is not necessary or ii) be placed on the half the length of the body floor prior to loading a sticky load. In this second case, during tipping, the front portion of the sticky product that has been loaded onto the sheet acts as a “pusher” on the rear load and causes the start of sliding at half the stroke of the ram normally required to unload the product. Moreover, the EASY TIP tarpaulin is stretched at the end of unloading to release the product from the front wall.

The EASY TIP device is therefore particularly suitable for naturally sticky products such as peats, potting soil, sludge, clay or alfalfa. It brings a double benefit to the carriers of these products:

  • Safety: significant improvement in the safety of the operator and those present during the unloading of a sticky product by reducing the risk of tipping the body under the effect of an imbalance generated by a package of material stuck on one side.
  • Productivity: No cleaning operation since the entire sticking material is discharged through the EASY TIP device.

EASY TIP is the result of extensive research and development and has been patented. It was introduced to some BENALU group customers who gave him a particularly positive reception. Didier Roaux, Manager of TRANSPORTS DE LA PREE (dpt.62) told us: “We have been waiting a long time for a solution to facilitate the unloading of our tippers that transport beet pulp, a particularly sticky product. BENALU’s EASY TIP solution fully meets our expectations. This is a real plus for the safety of our drivers and we save time cleaning our tippers. Other existing devices only warn that a side tilting will occur. The BENALU solution acts dynamically from the beginning of the tipping to prevent the accident from occurring. The possibility of a retrofit installation makes it possible to satisfy a much larger customer base, which is confirmed by Jean-Philippe Castan, President of TRANSPORTS INTERNATIONAL DU TARN (dpt 81): “The existence of the retrofit mounting kit allows us to mount this solution on all our BENALU vehicles with a straight front wall. It is very useful when you carry grape marc! ”

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