Easy Tarp 2.0: Safety and productivity, BENALU wants it all! ! – Press realease

The BENALU group is launching today the updated automatic cover sheet system EASY TARP 2.0, an innovating and outstanding covering and uncovering solution.

When a cover sheet system is manually operated, operators have to step up onto the walkway and the risk of falling down exists. Moreover, these operations are time-consuming (15 minutes for a cover sheet system manually operated) and decrease the profitability of the transporters of bulk goods.

The R&D department of BENALU has been developing automatic cover sheet systems since 2014.  As a result, BENALU has presented for the first time in Europe its patented EASY TARP cover sheet system during the French professional exhibition SOLUTRANS 2015.

Thanks to its experience on its cover sheet system, BENALU has been in a position to develop an innovating and even more competitive solution, EASY TARP 2.0,

Consequently, Renaud Sueur, says: « As a producer of industrial vehicles, we must offer safe vehicles equipped with dedicated devices to reduce working accidents.  At the same time, we need to optimize our products to make it possible for our customers to increase their productivity. This is the reason why the teams of BENALU have developed the solution EASY TARP 2.0 improving not only the safety of the users but the reliability and productivity of our customers as well”. Renaud Sueur is delighted with this solution since “the transporters do not have to choose between safety and productivity”.

The updated automatic cover sheet system EASY TARP 2.0 of BENALU offers indeed the following benefits:

 – Safety: The cover sheet system is open and closed by an electrical control operated from the ground or wireless. Drivers don’t have to climb up anymore onto the walkway;
    – Productivity: Cover sheet system is open and closed in record time of 20 seconds (compared with 15 mn for a cover sheet system manually operated) ; this means twice quicker than with the original EASY TARP solution ;
    – Reliability: A rack has been implemented in order to better synchronize the cover sheet system whatever the weather conditions;
    – Fuel consumption reduction: The trucks runs with the cover sheet closed thanks to the easy operation process (3 up to 4 l/100km fuel saving compared with a covered semi-trailer);
    – Loading protection: The solution EASY TARP 2.0 increases the waterproofness of the cover sheet system by tightening the tarpaulin at the end of the process;
    – Retrofit: the solution EASY TARP 2.0 can be supplied in kit and can be mounted with retrofit system onto the existing BENALU vehicles.

This solution will be displayed at the exhibition SOLUTRANS 2017 and has already been introduced to the dealers of the group who have been extremely satisfied with it. Thierry Ernwein, Chairman of Ernwein et fils (Alsace) said so: « The market had been, for a long while, expecting a reliable, ergonomic and quick automatic covering solution”. The solution EASY TARP 2.0 of BENALU meets our expectations. It is really an advantage for our customers who can now efficiently protect their employees and improve the productivity of their transports”. The retrofit opportunity enables to contact an even wider customer base. This is confirmed by Frédéric Eddy, Director of Kertruck Trailer (Western France): « Moreover, thanks to the retrofit solution, our customers have the opportunity to mount this system on their existing BENALU vehicles. »

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