Benalu group launches a recruitment program of 100 employees for its French plants – Press realease

With an increase of 30% of orders in the last quarter of 2017, the Benalu group launched a 100 employees recruitment program for its French sites.
The Benalu group has heavily invested in research and development in recent years. During this period many innovations have emerged such as:

• The new version of its «large volume» tipper for the food industry, with longitudinal welding and with a thickness gradient (the first of its kind in the world) for an optimization of the volume, the weight and the longevity of the vehicles: BULKLINER S

• The new version of its patented automatic tarpaulin system: EASY TARP 2.0

• The expansion of its range of mobile floor vans with in particular the development of a vehicle adapted to heavy duty uses: the JUMBOTRACK

• Development of an optimized version of its hybrid tipper (aluminum chassis and steel body) for construction: the CARGOTRACK ULTRA
« As I took over the BENALU business last July, I found a group turned towards innovation and the perpetual search for technical novelty» told us Renaud Sueur, Chairman of the Benalu Group. « Being the inventor of the aluminum tipper forces Benalu’s R & D teams to be aware of it and to be constantly looking for the next innovation that will move the industry forward.»
In addition, a sustained demand in France, in Germany and more generally in Europe  (in particular in the sectors of construction and the environment) is added to the rising demand from its customers, linked to the innovations mentioned above.
The Benalu group launched an investment program of more than € 3 million at the end of 2016 in its two French production sites in Liévin and Andrézieux-Bouthéon  to increase their production capacity and productivity. These investments were made during the year 2017 so that the two plants are fully operational from the beginning of 2018.
However, in view of the growing demand for its products in France and Europe and despite its capacity and productivity investments, the Benalu group is to launch a major recruitment program. In this scope the group intends to recruit a hundred employees on its two French sites. Hiring will be done progressively throughout 2018 and should allow the group to maintain reasonable production lead times. The main jobs sought are welders, electricians and several operational jobs

« The industrial management of the Benalu Group is fully focused on developing the production capacity, through investment and the recruitment of new employees, to support our customers in their development» said Renaud Sueur.


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