Mooving floor


The Benalu – Legras group launched in 1987 its first moving floor vehicle (FFM), the JUMBOLINER. Thanks to its commercial success and strengthened by the significant increase of its market share in France, BENALU has
extended its range to meet all the needs of its customers

In addition to its JUMBOLINER the group’s design office has developed two new products, the JUMBORUNNER and the JUMBOTRACK to complete a full range of mobile floor vans, from the lightest vehicle to the most robust one. Our equipment, which facilitates and secures the daily use of our vehicles, is constantly being developed!



Type : The classical Mooving Floor
Chassis : aluminium
Body : aluminium
Volumes : From 60 up to 96m3


Type : The reinforced Mooving Floor
Chassis : hybrid aluminium & steel
Body : aluminium
Volumes : From 89 up to 96m3


Type : The compact Mobile floor
Chassis : aluminium
Body : aluminium
Volumes : From 57 up to 60m3

Mooving floor : A numerous options studied to facilitate your daily business!


INNOVATION : Our role, to be leader in innovation !

“Our goal is to always innovate to make your daily business easier and safer and to improve your productivity !”

Floors adapted to your activity!

5 or 21 blades, corrugated or smooth, aluminum or steel, reinforced, waterproof? We permanently offer more than 20 types of floors specially adapted to your needs!

An outstanding integral hybrid chassis aluminium and steel unique !

Weight optimisation and higher rigidity of our JUMBOTRACK, is our commitment towards our customers searching for reinforced vehicles without having to face with the restraints of your job.

Side walls with progressive thickness: unique on the market!

BENALU proposes a gradual increase in the inner thickness of the moving floors side walls in order to increase the life of the places where the wearing is highest while optimizing the weight of the vehicle. The doubling by sheets is no longer necessary even for the most difficult activities!

A self-carrying structure that maximizes the volume and the payload!

Optimization of weight and volume are the main advantages of our 100% aluminum self-carrying chassis! Available on our range of JUMBOLINER.