Benalu is completing its range of moving floor!

Benalu is completing its range of moving floor vans with the new versions of its JUMBORUNNER and its JUMBOTRACK.

The Benalu group launched in 1987 its first moving floor vehicle (FFM), the JUMBOLINER. With its commercial success and strengthened by the significant increase of its market share in France (22% in 2017 with 170 units versus 11% in 2010 with 40 units), BENALU has extended its range to meet all the needs of its customers.

During the last 12 months and in addition to its JUMBOLINER the group’s design office has developed two new products, the JUMBORUNNER and the JUMBOTRACK to complete a full range of mobile floor vans, from the lightest vehicle to the most robust one:

– JUMBOLINER : The lightest one

With a new structure entirely made of aluminum (subframe, self-supporting body), the JUMBOLINER offers a maximum load volume (up to 100 m3) for a reduced dead weight (down to 6900 kg). These features make the JUMBOLINER a particularly suitable vehicle for the transport of agricultural bulk, wood industry products and packaged loads (pallets, big bags).

– JUMBORUNNER : The compact one

The JUMBORUNNER with an all aluminum structure (full length frame, body) is a compact vehicle (useful length 10 m, volume from 57 m3) that offers manoeuvrability (compost unloading on the fields, delivery of fertilizers and animal feed by farms) and robustness (full aluminum frame). The JUMBORUNNER is a particularly suitable vehicle for the transport of agricultural bulk, fertilizers, compost and livestock feed on roads with difficult access.

– JUMBOTRACK : The most robust one

Developed on a reinforced structure (full length hybrid chassis aluminum / steel with reinforced floor and side walls), the JUMBOTRACK is a particularly robust vehicle with an optimized dead weight (from 7800 kg). It is suitable for the transport of household and industrial waste.

These vehicles are offered with a great choice of options: reinforced side walls with the possibility of mixing thicknesses 2.2 / 4/6 mm, smooth or corrugated floors in thickness 6/8/10/18 mm, EASYTARP automatic cover sheet system, hydraulic or manual butterfly cover, self-winding floor protection sheet combined with mechanism operation, moving inner bulkhead, built-in fixed or removable hopper under the rear door.

To support the commercial success of its mobile floor vans, BENALU will invest nearly € 2 million in its production capacity in 2018. The equipment corresponding to this investment will be fully operational at the beginning of the second half of 2018. Renaud Sueur, President of BENALU has entrusted us with the following: «To maintain reasonable production lead times, we must absolutely develop our mobile floor van production capacity in 2018, as we have developed our tipper production capacity in 2017. The Group’s industrial management, in France and in Poland is fully committed to this project. We are targeting a production of more than 400 units at the group level in 2018 and 700 in 2019».


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