BENNES MARREL announces the release of a new steel / aluminium hybrid tipper specially designed and optimized for the transport of scrap: the STEELTRACK.

Since ferrous scrap is bulky and not heavy, transporting it requires large volume tipper bodies to optimize the weight transported. Moreover, they are very aggressive for the bodies and require the use of materials with high abrasion resistance for the manufacture. Finally, the tipping of scrap is often discontinuous (unlike the tipping of sand or grain) which increases the risk of instability of the vehicle during the tipping rpocess.

The R & D teams of BENALU and BENNES MARREL have collaborated to develop a vehicle that considers all the constraints specific to the transport of ferrous scrap: the STEELTRACK.

« The design of the STEELTRACK was a huge challenge for the design offices of BENALU and BENNES MARREL, because they had sometimes contradictory objectives such as the improvement of the stability during tipping, the reduction of the total weight of the vehicle or the reinforcement of the frame. BENALU’s know-how in aluminium chassis manufacturing and BENNES MARREL’s high abrasion resistance steels have helped us a lot. » Renaud Sueur, Chairman of the BENALU Group, told us.

The STEELTRACK is a large volume vehicle: 11.4m long and 61m3 volume. Its body is made of Hardox 450 steel with high resistance to abrasion. It has an aluminium frame developed by BENALU and allows it to have a total weight of less than 8.3 t. Unlike most tipping semi-trailers, it does not have a single front ram but two underbody cylinders for greater stability to tipping. The STEELTRACK does not require specific hydraulic equipment on the tractor.

Thanks to its design the STELLTRACK brings many advantages to the customers involved in scrap transport:
– Weight / optimized volume: less than 8.3 t for a body volume of 61 m3;
– Fast tipping: tipping with the device with 2 cylinders under the body is 30% faster than with a single front ram;
– Stability by tipping: more stable system with two cylinders positioned symmetrically under the body and increasing the tipping angle;
– Durability of the vehicle: reinforced body using Hardox 450;
– Interoperability of the vehicle: cylinder operating with a tractor equipped with a standard hydraulic equipment

The production of STEELTRACK is already industrialized; the vehicle is available on order.