The repair department of Benalu benefits from the capacities and professionalism of Benalu

Based within the Lievin plany for quick assistance according to the original production on any brand of semi-trailers made of aluminium or steel

The expertise of a major manufacturer

Repairs and modifications BENALU Service is committed to the quality of its Service while giving you the benefit of process improvements in the manufacturing of new vehicles. Proven skills

BENALU provides the widest Service offer on the market:

Aluminium/steel all brands

  • Expertise on site and claim handling.
  • Metal work, body building.
  • Transformation and special features.
  • Repairs on tipping tank semi-trailers, silos.
  • 3 bar pressure tests on vessels à 3 bars.
  • straightening bench.
  • Mechanics, hydraulics, brakes & others.

Manufacturing of replacement bodies and tanks

Aluminium body, steel, Hardox and stainless steel.

  • Aluminium tank.
  • Genuine spare parts

Equipment on trucks

Various hydraulics.

  • Compressor / booster.
  • Repairs on cylinders.

Sand blasting, painting and sign writing

Adaptations on cover sheet systems

Various aluminium applications


  • meeting settlements for diagnostics
  • We take care of your vehicle on site or in our premises
  • Spare vehicle during the repair
  • Spare parts and labour warranty
  • Assistance service 7days/week with intervention on French departements (59,62,80)


03 21 79 43 69 ou 03 21 79 43 70

  • ABS and EBS fixing
  • Axles, suspension and brakes fixing
  • Pneumatic fixing
  • Chassis righting
  • Body work righting
  • Tank repair
  • Equipment and repair
  • Hydraulic
  • Equipment and cover sheet repair
  • Electrical equipment center