Press release : The new Powderliner II

The BENALU Group mobilizes the know-how of BENALU, MAISONNEUVE CITERNE and its partner OMEPS to launch its new powder tank: POWDERLINER 2.0

It is in the greatest secrecy that, in the summer of 2018, the design offices of BENALU and MAISONNEUVE CITERNE (a subsidiary of the
BENALU group, taken over in mid-2018) have jointly embarked on the development of a new tipping powder tank, the POWDERLINER

Renaud SUEUR, President of the BENALU Group, declares: the takeover of MAISONNEUVE CITERNE gave us access to an incredible
know-how in the manufacture of tank vessels.
We therefore wanted to equip BENALU’s aluminium chassis (actually recognized as the best on the market) with a fully optimized
aluminium vessel to develop a new powder tank that will become the benchmark on the market.
Teams BENALU and MAISONNEUVE CITERNE worked hard to define this product in record time: this is the POWDERLINER 2.0. And the
result is bluffing!”

The evolutions of the aluminium vessel, manufactured by OMEPS (already partner of BENALU for «flat-udder powder tanks”), have led
to the following optimizations:
– Gain of volume and improvement of the rear overhang and the ground clearance in tipped position thanks to the new rear end;
– Reduction of the unloading time by gravity by 80% thanks to the new designed stainless-steel DN800 rear product outlet;
– Easier access to the inside of the vessel thanks to the new stainless-steel DN800 product outlet;
– Increased tank stability thanks to i) new XL cradles bolted and welded to the chassis with rubber mats and ii) the widest frame
on the market to ensure increased running stability;
Facilitation of the opening of the rear product outlet thanks to its double articulation in the basic offer.

BENALU distributors have welcomed these technical advances that make POWDERLINER 2.0 a market benchmark. Dan GOETZMANN,
Sales Manager of EG Services, which distributes BENALU on departments 16, 17, 33 and 47, said: «The POWDERLINER 2.0 marks an
important evolution compared to the previous version. The gains in terms of volume, stability and ease of use are very significant. The
contribution of the tank specialist MAISONNEUVE on the development of this product is obvious. I take my hat off to it!».

The production of the POWDERLINER 2.0 started at the end of 2018; the product is available for volumes ranging from 50 m3 to 65 m3
corresponding to weights of 5,8t to 6,9t. BENALU plans to produce nearly 100 of such vehicles in 2019.

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